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My name is Nirva, an educator by trade and TV/Radio and event Host, an inspiring world traveler, and a mother to Prince Noah and Princess Nia. I am based in Boston, Massachusetts but host in other states as well. With my platform, my mission is to inspire everyone, especially working mothers to continue to live out their dreams and goals. I want everyone to be inspired to live out the lives they envisioned for themselves despite life sometimes getting in the way.



I have a love for travel, fashion, FOOD, and anything adventurous. My motto is, "elegance is an attitude." I look forward to sharing my passion with you and I can't wait to interact with you.


A man of many talents but one passion: that is servant leadership. Roosevelt goes by “MC Rozay” and lives by the mantra “Service at Divine Times”. He is a true Bostonian at heart having been raised in Hyde Park, MA and done all of his formative schooling in the inner city. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration - Accounting from UMASS Lowell as well as a Masters in Business Management from Eastern Nazarene College.  

Rozay has been hosting since 2015, bringing joy to events around the New England and Tri-State area with engagement showers and weddings being his specialty. He hosts because of his desire to serve others and contribute to their special day. He loves all the formalities and intricacies that come with special events. His motto is “Service at Divine Times.”

He has a unique fondness for custom garments. His suits, dress shirts, and shoes are tailor made just for him with careful precision and attention to detail. His affinity for the customized fit bleeds into his events where he aims to bring a custom experience for clients. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  So lets bring your idea to life!


Michaëlle Cineus, only child born to her parents and first generation born here and America. Raised in Boston, but is well known for carrying the Haitian culture deeply rooted in her heart and in everything she does. By trade she has a bachelor’s in economics, currently working in Healthcare. However, outside of her work career, she wears many different hats in alignment with her many given talents. She comes from a very musically inspired and legendary Haitian family (DeJean) and began singing in church at four years old. At eight years old, she began playing the clarinet and piano, joined the Haitian Orchestra (Fanfare De Boston) at eleven. And still plays professionally, whether it’s classical music, gospel or Haitian merengue’s, twenty plus years later. Michaëlle's passion for music and being on stage has always been naturally a part of who and what she is. It was later, at the age of twenty, her former colleagues discovered her new talent and knew she’d make an amazing MC.
In 2010, she hosted her very first event at Strande Theatre, and yearly thereafter featuring many legendary Haitian artists along the way. A spark lit up, seen by many in the community and her fire spread on from there. In 2014, Michaëlle became a member of Nehemiah Project for Hope/Haitian Youth Connection, as the primary cohost of their popular International Women's Day Gala. Where she has assisted in coordinating and hosting this gala yearly the last seven years and counting. Alongside this experience, Michaëlle has hosted many different events from weddings, baby showers, private parties, concerts, fundraisers, political rallies to even translating for former Mayor Marty Walsh while hosting a community rally back in 2015.
Given her many hats and versatile demeanor, Michaëlle can apply her many gifted skills talents, all in one setting! Often performing, stage managing and hosting simultaneously in one event...making it look seamless. "Se la, pou'w la" meaning "It's here, you must be" is the motto she leads by, leaving her audience and clients connected to not just Michaelle as a host, but most importantly a memorable experience. Michaelle loves sharing a part of her with her audience and with anyone in her presence. She knows it's impossible to be a perfectionist, but she's sure to perfect everything she lays her imprint on. "My Elegance is Key" is what she lives her life by, displayed by her faith in God, her family values, music, dedication, fashion, and poise. No one is ever left behind and there’s no place you’ll rather be than with "LadyMC "!


My name is Foreal. I am an artist, host and coach of all things guiding you to your most blissful life. I am the CEO of Feels Of Foreal, and it’s one of my greatest accomplishments thus far. Just reaching a quarter century in age, I am 25yrs old & from the beautiful city of champions - Brockton, MA ! 

I found out how much I enjoyed controlling the energy of the room when a host cancelled & I got asked last minute to take over hosting a networking event in 2019. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and notice that this is truly a passion of mine. It’s so beautiful how life works. I now love being able to make peoples day simply by doing my job and providing high vibratory feels! The journey of using my personality to benefit guests is gold to me. 

Since I have been in alignment with my truest self, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy being the life of the party! Hence why I am here! My passion is making people feel good! I am always eager to keep spirits lifted & pursue the mission of any event type. Hiring me as your host you can expect everything phenomenal. I look forward to meeting you and delivering your requirements of me as your host for any and every event. 

Hello, my name is Queen Flo, and it is a pleasure to meet you! As the host for your upcoming event, I cannot wait to make your dreams come true on your special day! I am an experienced host with a wealth of expertise throwing weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and more for my loyal clients. I thrive on making the people around me happy—which I do through my one-of-a-kind events—and am excited to do the same for you!

I was inspired to start hosting several years ago when my a family member requested my help planning her wedding reception. As I planned her reception, I became engrossed in curating the perfect celebration for her and knew I had found my passion as an event planner and a host. The reception was a resounding success and I have never looked back since! I started hosting events for family and friends free-of-charge and from there my business has grown exponentially with an abundance of satisfied clients. I am thrilled for you to become one of my many happy customers! 
I'm 💯% that Host you looking for to turn up

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