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I am not only The Host, I am your Host

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Charldyn, moved to the United States of America in 1997. He is a God fearing man, devoted husband and proud father. As a youth leader at the First Haitian Baptist Church of Boston, He is a strong and positive role model, particularly, to the young men of the church. He believes that his main purpose in life is to fill voids in everyone's heart through his lively interactions with his audience. He myriad of talents, ranging from acting to hosting, has given him a platform to express his love for people and God. Over the past few years he has played various roles in many movies, such as Without the Ancestors (2014), The Ungovernable Force (2015), Honky Holocaust (2014), and 12 Rounds for the Loaded (2013) and the Haitian feature films Yon Ti Fim Pou Carmene Hileus (2013) and Saving Love at All Costs (2015). Along with the various movies that he has been featured in, Charldyn has hosted numerous events, ranging from local competitions to weddings abroad. 


His motto, "I'm not only THE host, I'm YOUR host" shows his clients that he is relatable, reliable, and willing to do whatever is necessary to provide a night that will never be forgotten. 

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